Dutch VMUG UserconThere are times when I’m especially proud to be Dutch. Last year, the Dutch VMUG UserCon was the largest VMUG gettogether in the world. Almost 1.000 particpants gathered in the venue in Den Bosch to exchange knowledge, listen to sessions, network and enjoy a drink. This years event is taking place this week on thursday 17 March 2016, so be quick if you want to participate!

Want to know what’s on? It’s not just another gathering of dusty IT people. There is an extensive program with tech sessions that go all over the IT landscape. Network virtualisation, Automation, End User Computing, it’s all there. And it’s not just VMware stuff that is being talked about. Veeam is there for a talk, Cisco is there for a session. Several tech partners of VMware are there to talk about their view of IT subjects. Check the complete schedule over here.

BB8 at Dutch VMUG UserconLast year our own Erik and AJ built a rig to automate a cup of coffee while you were waiting for your host to go into maintenance. That was a demo to show the power of automation and orchestration. Now this year we challenge you and this time, it’s a challenge with a prize! If you complete the automation challenge the quickest, you are in for a treat with this fancy robot. Come visit the VMware booth, take on the challenge, show us you are an automation Jedi and maybe you can take BB8 home.

So there is a lot to see and even more to talk about. Kit Colbert, VMware’s CTO and VP for Cloud Native Apps will do the kick-off in the morning. Kit is one of VMware’s leaders when it comes to the next generation application platforms, so his talk will be very interesting.

Even more, Google will take the afternoon kick-off. Jay Marshall from Google Enterprise Cloud will be sharing insight into how Google Cloud Platform operates and offer a sneak peak into its data center operations. VMguru will be present as well. Erik, Martijn, Sander and myself will be there. Drop us a tweet or a mail if you want to meet up for a coffee and a chat.

There is still time to register, you’re not too late! All this is taking place next thursday 17 March in Den Bosch. The VMUG does take a little fee for all this beautiful stuff but you will be taken care of the complete day. It’s almost a VMworld in 1 day. Go to the registry page here and be sure to engage in the biggest and best VMUG Usercon on the planet!