VMware is working hard to provide more and more application management plugins for vRealize Operations. In previous versions vRealize Hyperic was used to perform application monitoring, with the newer versions of vRealize Operations this is done using the EndPoint Operations agent (EPOPS agent). Application specific intelligence is added using management packs. To monitor Microsoft Exchange you can now use the new vRealize Operations Solution for Microsoft Exchange.

The vRealize Operations Solution for Microsoft Exchange is a management pack which provides visibility into your Microsoft Exchange deployments. Pre-defined dashboards allow you to see the status and the relationships between the different components of Microsoft Exchange.

monitor Microsoft Exchange

The vRealize Operations Manager solution for Microsoft Exchange server can support Microsoft Exchange server 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 using End Point Operations Manager agents and collects specific metrics on the servers hereby proactively monitoring and assessing components’ availability for Microsoft Exchange server.

If you monitor Microsoft Exchange using this solution you ensure hat your Microsoft Exchange servers are meeting the requirements for stable operation by monitoring metrics such as connection usage, resident memory size, database size and more.
monitor Microsoft Exchange

Monitor Microsoft Exchange highlights

  • Auto-Discover your MS Exchange servers.
  • Obtain specific metrics on MS Exchange servers.
  • Easy root-cause analysis once problems are detected.

Supported versions

Supported versions of vRealize Operations Manager:

  • vRealize Operations Manager 6.4.

Supported versions of MS Exchange Server:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.
  • Microsoft  Exchange Server 2010.
  • Microsoft  Exchange Server 2013.
  • Microsoft  Exchange Server 2016.

The plug-in discovers and collects Microsoft  Exchange Server metrics for the following objects:

  • Exchange server.
  • Exchange ADAccess Domain Controller service.
  • Exchange Active Directory Topology service.
  • Exchange Anti-spam Update service.
  • Exchange Availability Service service.
  • Exchange Database Instance service.
  • Exchange Database service.
  • Exchange Diagnostics service.
  • Exchange EdgeSync service.
  • Exchange Frontend Transport service.
  • Exchange Health Manager service.
  • Exchange IMAP4 Backend service.
  • Exchange IMAP4 service.
  • Exchange Information Store service.
  • Exchange Mailbox Assistants service.
  • Exchange Mailbox Replication service.
  • Exchange Mailbox Transport Delivery service.
  • Exchange Mailbox Transport Submission service.
  • Exchange Monitoring service.
  • Exchange OWA service.
  • Exchange POP3 Backend service.
  • Exchange POP3 service.
  • Exchange RPC Client Access service.
  • Exchange Replication service.
  • Exchange Search service.
  • Exchange Service Host service.
  • Exchange Throttling service.
  • Exchange Transport Log Search service.
  • Exchange Transport service.
  • Exchange Unified Messaging Call Router service.
  • Exchange Unified Messaging service.