While I was at a customers location I noticed an app that I completely forgot: vSphere Mobile Watchlist, a tool that allows you to monitor the virtual machines you care about in your vSphere infrastructure remotely on your phone. I wondered which mobile apps I forgot as well or even didn’t know.

I searched the various app stores for VMware owned/written apps and discovered there were more than I thought and some pretty useful apps too. To share my search I created the list below containing all the apps VMware created.

During the compilation of this list I noticed that not all apps are available for each platform. Not all apps are available for the Windows platform and some are missing on Android.

My top three VMware Mobile Apps

I thought long and hard which applications were most important to me from the app store. In the end I chose three categories: To access my account, to access my applications and to access my data.

  • My VMware – direct access to everything related to your VMware account
  • Workspace One – access SaaS, published applications and virtual desktops
  • Content Locker – file sharing with internal and external parties while maintaining organizational grip on the data

The complete list of VMware Mobile Apps

This list is limited to the applications that have VMware (and AirWatch) as developer or company in its descriptions. I know there are much more applications that you can use to manage your VMware infrastructure. Apps that are time restricted aren’t in the list, for example the VMworld app.

Note that for most of these applications you need an infrastructure component like Horizon or AirWatch.

App Description Google Play App Store Microsoft Store
 Horizon client  The VMware Horizon Client is used to connect to your  VMware Horizon virtual desktop and hosted applications from your iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows device.  X  X X
My VMware Access your VMware account anytime, anywhere. Use the My VMware app to view information from the My VMware portal, like  license data, support contracts and status of support requests  X X
SocialCast VMware SocialCast is a secure enterprise chat and social platform. Users can collaborate with coworkers, customers and business partners using an integrated set of productivity tools and applications.  X  X
vSphere Mobile Watchlist With vSphere Mobile Watchlist, VMware administrators can log in to a vCenter Server or ESXi host directly and choose virtual machines and hosts from inventory to do administrative tasks, remediate directly from the device with power and management operations, VM console interaction, and delegation of tasks to onsite colleagues with linked relevant Knowledge Base (KB) articles. X X
Partner Central Mobile Partner Central Mobile allows VMware partners to manage deal registrations  X
Cloud Seeker DODGE menacing thieves and COLLECT tools with special powers as you SEEK out your hybrid cloud!

Get ready for an exciting and informative adventure to the cloud! The hero is under your command as you dodge obstacles such as cloud security thieves and collect powers through data sovereignty flags and security locks as you seek out your ideal cloud in the VMware vCloud Air Network!

VMware Connect  VMware Connect app is for high level customers of VMware products to quickly access customer support contacts at VMWare using an username and password. X
VMware NSX Sales (Readiness) Briefcase  NSX Sales briefcase is  designed for VMware Partners. It includes top sales and technical resources and key enablement content on NSX.  X  X
vSphere client for iPad  With the VMware vSphere Client for iPad you can view and manage your vSphere environment on the go. With this client you can monitor the performance of vSphere hosts and virtual machines. Virtual machines can be started, stopped and suspended. vSphere hosts can be rebooted or put into maintenance mode.  X
vCloud client for iPad  The VMware vCloud Client for iPad empowers VMware vCloud users to inspect their virtual machines (VMs), provision cloud computer systems (vApps), and perform basic workload operations – all from the convenience of an iPad. X
vRealize Business Standard The iPad application connects to the VMware vRealize Business Enterprise product, collects all information from its IT cost model, and provides an intuitive user interface allowing the user to focus on specific cost objects and drill-down to various dimensions. X
Content Locker  VMware Content Locker is an enterprise-grade file sync and share solution, that protects your sensitive content in a corporate container and provides users with a central application to securely access and collaborate on the latest documents from their iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices. X  X  X
VMware Tunnel  VMware Tunnel securely connects both internally built and public App Store applications to corporate resources within a secure network. Using the Network Extensions framework, VMware Tunnel allows you to access corporate resources behind the firewall, giving you easy access to what you need to be productive. Only managed applications can establish a connection with corporate resources, ensuring your personal privacy is maintained.  X X  X
AirWatch Agent The AirWatch agent is an important component in the AirWatch solution to manage your mobile devices (MDM) X X  X
VMware Browser VMware Browser provides a secure alternative to the native browser on your mobile device, configurable from the AirWatch Console, like whitelisting and blacklisting.  X  X  X
AirWatch Container AirWatch Container  provides complete separation of enterprise and personal data on a device, securing corporate resources and maintaining employee privacy. Enterprises can compartmentalize and manage enterprise applications and data without having to manage an entire device with AirWatch Container. X X
AirWatch Inbox  AirWatch Inbox  is a secure, containerized email client that provides complete separation of enterprise and personal data on devices. AirWatch Inbox is configured with advanced data loss prevention capabilities to secure sensitive corporate data, while providing you with quick access to corporate email, calendar and contacts.  X  X  X
AirWatch Relay  X
AirWatch TV  AirWatch TV is designed to extend access to the full AirWatch video library. Topics range from new AirWatch products, demos, announcements, events and enterprise mobility news, as well as interviews with leading industry professionals. Content is customized based on your relationship with AirWatch, with specific videos for customers, partners and those interested in learning more about enterprise mobility.  X
AirWatch Video  AirWatch Video simplifies video distribution, security and management for the enterprise. The intuitive interface makes it easy to browse available videos and consume video content from your mobile device.  X
VMware Boxer  VMware Boxer is the most innovative email, calendar and contacts app available  X  X
VMware Workspace One  The VMware Workspace ONE app makes it easy to access your digital workspace from your idevice from any location. Use your company credentials once to setup and get single sign-on access to your apps.  X  X  X
VMware Verify  VMware Verify works with the Workspace ONE two-factor authentication service to make logins more simple and secure across any laptop, tablet or smartphone. The app receives push notifications asking the user to simply swipe to verify possession of the device whenever authentication is required.

Additionally, you can use the VMware Verify app to provide one time passcodes for two-factor authentication.

X  X
AirWatch Learn  AirWatch Learn is the student-facing component of AirWatch Teacher Tools, a set of applications developed specifically to meet the needs of schools, guiding mobile learning while minimizing device distractions.  X
AirWatch Teach  AirWatch Teach is the teacher-facing component of AirWatch Teacher Tools, a set of applications developed specifically to meet the needs of schools, guiding mobile learning while minimizing device distractions. X
 AirWatch Samsung / Sony / Kyocera / LG / HTC / Panasonic / Lenovo  Service An AirWatch service application for the respective brand enterprise ready devices. X