The VMware Social team announced the vExpert class of 2018 yesterday. With the acceptance of Dimitri into the vExpert program, I’m proud to say that all the VMGurus are now vExperts:

vExpert Directory - vmguruvExpert Directory

Some crazier than others, Erik has been a vExpert for a decade (10 years!), which is nothing but commendable. Edwin and Alex are trailing him with 9 years. Amazing work guys!

vExpert Program

The VMware vExpert program is a collection of VMware advocates and provides them with invaluable resources to continue doing their good work. vExperts are a massive part of the online and offline vCommunity, always helping one and other, even if we’re technically competitors. It’s an awesome community to be a part of.


Thanks to the entire vCommunity and the VMware Social Team for making the vExpert program happen, it will continue to be a privilege to be a part of it!