Cloud ServicesAt this VMworld 2018 which is taking place this week in Las Vegas, VMware upped their game in the IT Automation and DevOps space by announcing three new Cloud Automation Services.

When looking at a cloud management platform, a few questions always pop up:

  • Which public clouds can I connect to?
  • Can I deploy one service to multiple clouds?
  • Can I use the native cloud services?
  • How long does it take to install and configure?
  • Is this offered as Software-as-a-Service?
  • Are changes in a blueprint propagated to the deployed instances?
  • Do you support Infrastructure-as-Code?

Yesterday VMware announced three new VMware Cloud Services, Cloud Assembly, Service Broker and Code Stream which have an answer to all of those questions.Cloud Services

Cloud Services Cloud Assembly is used to automate multi-cloud delivery of IT services. Cloud Assembly delivers unified provisioning across all clouds through declarative Infrastructure as Code, including VMware Cloud on AWS, native AWS and Microsoft Azure. This should help teams orchestrate infrastructure and application delivery in line with DevOps principles.
Cloud Services Service Broker provides self-service access to multi-cloud infrastructure and application resources from a single catalog. It aggregates native content from multiple clouds and platforms into a single catalog with role-based policies.
Cloud Services Code Stream automates the application release process, through deployment, testing and troubleshooting thereby simplifying the delivery of IT services. It speeds up software delivery and streamlines troubleshooting with release pipelines and analytics. It supports VMware-based private clouds, VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS and Azure.

Very important to mention is that Cloud Automation Services is not here to replace vRealize on-premises products. It is merely here to offer VMware customers a choice. Do I want to install a cloud management solution on-premises or do I want to use it in a SaaS form-factor. Eventually the Cloud Automation Services will become the next vRealize Automation and users will really have a choice, buy or build!

In the following series we will give you an insight into these new Cloud Automation Services, what they do and how to use them.

In the coming weeks we will publish several articles on how to use these new Cloud Automation Services. So please come back soon.