Frequently asked questions for the vSphere Client (HTML5)

As you all may know, the vSphere Client (HTML5) is the preferred client these days for managing your vSphere environment. With the deprecation of the vSphere Client for Windows (aka the C# client) and the vSphere Web Client (aka the Flash client) there is really only one way forward: the vSphere Client. This (not so) new client is written in HTML5 and works in most current browsers. I have seen a lot of vSphere admins still using the Flash client. I think you should get yourself acquainted with the vSphere Client, instead of trying to hold on the past.

Getting started with the vSphere Client is pretty simple. You don’t have to install new software for it. But, like any update, it has some new features and things are placed somewhere else. You even have the chance that you can’t find certain things, because they now work a bit different.

Frequently Asked Questions

I collected some of those FAQs to help you to get the most out of the vSphere Client. With these answers I hope you have enough information to get the most out of the HTML5 client.