certificate expireNormally I don’t replicate VMware KB articles or bug reports with clear instructions on how to fix your problems. But in this case I want to warn vRealize Operations users and prevent that they  run into an issue soon. Why? The vRealize Operations 6.x certificate expires soon!

If you have installed vRealize Operations v6.x and above you may be impacted by this. The internal SSL Gemfire certificate expires on November 19, 2019. By design, the internal certificates for vRealize Operations are set to expire five years after its initial installation. 

For example, if vRealize Operations 6.0.0 was installed on November 19, 2014, and incrementally upgraded to later versions, the internal SSL certificate will expire on November 19, 2019.

So this also applies if you’re running vRealize Operations 7.x but you’ve upgraded incrementally from version 6.x.

How to fix this? VMware has released a update PAK file that has been released for customers running vRealize Operations v6.x and above that renews the certificate to prevent it from going into system inoperability.

Please refer to this KB article for more information on how to check the expiration date and instructions to upgrade your vRealize Operations internal certificate.


Nice detail. on Check SSL/TLS Certificate Validity Period using vRealize Operations and End Point Operations Agent’ on the VMware Blogs site. Maybe a good idea to set this up to check if any other certificate expires any time soon.