A couple of weeks ago Alex and I were talking about what we can do for VMGuru to keep giving you relevant information. Blogging is an interesting format, but it takes a lot of time: research, writing, rewriting because it was not easy to read, getting the correct screenshot or images. So we thought: Let’s try VMGuru TV, that will probably take less time. Spoiler alert: it took the same, if not more time.

In the past, especially during different VMworld editions, we created videos about what we saw there, and perhaps more important/interesting, what we thought about those things. We thought it would be a good idea to try something again in the form of a podcast / vlog or whatever you call it. Easy to consume and easy to make. But, with all things, if you say something, you gotta do it. So, we said it, and we did it.

In this first episode we ramble on about working from home, online training, but also online exams

So, without further ado: Our first VMGuru TV episode in a long time.

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