VMworld 2020

You probably didn’t miss it, but it is almost time for VMworld 2020. This year it will be held in a virtual format. From September 29 till October 1 you have the possibility to not only see, but also ‘Shape your Future’.

VMworld 2020 will have more than 950 sessions, organized into seven tracks, namely

  • App Modernization
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Intrinsic Security
  • Digital Workspace
  • Virtual Cloud Network
  • Vision and Innovation
  • Telco 5G

General sessions / Solution keynotes

With that many sessions is might be hard to choose your sessions wisely. You might be thinking about jumping in head first, deep into the tech goodness that VMworld will bring. And iff you think that VMworld is a tech-only conference, think again. Sure, a lot/most sessions are technology focussed, but there are definitely business oriented sessions. If you go to the content catalog you can filter on only the business tracks, or, filter the business tracks out if you just want some technical knowledge. The sessions are giving at different levels, Business 100-200 and Technical 100-300, so even if you are new at ‘this VMware thing’, you can help yourself by selecting technical 100 sessions or visa versa.

We have another suggestion for you: Attend the general sessions and solution keynotes. Even though you know the vision and know it by heart and ‘you’ve seen it all’, I think you will see some new things in there. The general sessions and solution keynotes tie different technologies and acquisitions together in a complete, coherent story.

There are a ton of technical sessions. From highlevel to deepdives, from customer stories to reference architectures.

In this episode of VMGuru TV we look into the different sessions at VMworld 2020 and give you our personal session recommendations. As with all recommendations they are a selection from a larger pool and are based on personal preference, relation the the customers we service or at which stage a company might be.

If you haven’t registered for VMworld 2020 yet, there is still time. Go to vmworld.com and register.