A couple of months ago, Alex and I were talking about the ‘vMotion’ of Dimitri de Swart from VMware to NetApp. We wanted to know why anyone would move from a virtualization company to a ‘legacy’ storage vendor. Luckily Dimitri wrote a rather extensive post on the whole matter called ‘Perception is Everything‘. Still, we had some questions left. And what else could we do then ask the man himself? So we did.

We talked about this in episode 5 of VMGuru TV, in which we hear firsthand what made him make the switch, but also the answer to the question “What does a storage vendor like NetApp deliver in a cloud world?”

A quick dive into the subjects we touch:

  • Who is Dimitri de Swart?
  • Where did he come from?
  • NetApp vision on cloud
  • NetApp Spot? What’s that?
  • Who manages the Spot service?
  • Do you give all your data to NetApp? (spoiler, no, you don’t) / Compliancy
  • NetApp Cloud Insight
  • private storage
  • Cloud Volumes on Azure, AWS and others
  • NetApp Files
  • Data fabric
  • Data locality
  • ‘give the infrastructure what it needs. not what a developer thinks it needs’
  • cloud and high availability

After watching the video and still think NetApp doesn’t belong in your list of vendors that can make a difference in your cloud strategy? Don’t hesitate to ask him yourself in the comments below or on YouTube.