About VMGuru and its team of writers

About VMGuru and its team of writers


The opinions and views presented on this website are our own personal opinions and views and are in no way related to our employer(s). Our respective employers are in no way responsible for opinions and views presented on this website.

All blogs, reviews or whitepapers are created because we encounter them during our work and/or because we think they bring value to a larger audience.

VMGuru gratefully accepts sponsors to this site as a means to provide financial backing towards the expense of operating a lab and creating content. Each sponsor has been approved personally for their ad content and destination link.

Sponsorship does not entitle any special consideration for a blog post, nor does it buy a paid post. Sponsorship is a flat monthly fee – We are not paid on clicks, hits, page views, visitors, etc.  We will publish our real opinion, even if the blogs, reviews or whitepapers discusses a product or solution from one of our website sponsors.

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