VMworld Photo GalleryVMworld Photo gallery

Here you will find a collection of all photos related to event we visited. The VMworld Photo Gallery contains photos from VMworld Europe and US from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 from Cannes, Copenhagen, Barcelona and San Francisco.

The VMworld Photo Galleries are a mix of VMworld keynotes & sessions, releases and news, and of course parties. We at VMGuru always try to deliver VMworld photos from the first until the last day, reporting on all things VMworld.

Also check out the VMworld videos in our Videos Gallery or on our Youtube channel.

VMworld Europe 2014

[fancygallery id=”3″ album=”24″]

VMworld 2014

[fancygallery id=”3″ album=”12″]

VMworld Europe 2013

[fancygallery id=”3″ album=”22″]

VMworld 2013

[fancygallery id=”3″ album=”23″]

VMworld Europe 2012

[fancygallery id=”3″ album=”19″]

VMworld 2012

[fancygallery id=”3″ album=”20″]

VMworld Europe 2011

[fancygallery id=”3″ album=”16″]

VMworld Europe 2010

[fancygallery id=”3″ album=”15″]

VMworld Europe 2009

[fancygallery id=”3″ album=”29″]

VMworld Europe 2008

[fancygallery id=”3″ album=”9″]

Dutch VMUG 2011

[fancygallery id=”5″ album=”13″]

Dutch VMUG 2009

[fancygallery id=”5″ album=”14″]

Datacenter move

[fancygallery id=”4″ album=”7″]


Also check out our Videos section.

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